Meet Dr. DesRosiers

Michael DesRosiers, DDS is one of a handful of dentists in the Southeast whose practice is not only a General Dentist facility but also dedicated to treating TMJ and Facial pain. At Lane & Associates Family Dentistry – Raleigh Neuse, he and his highly trained team are dedicated to providing the finest in Neuromuscular techniques designed to provide relief and restore function.

Learn More About Our Dentist in Raleigh, NC

With hundreds of hours of continuing education in areas of TMJ dysfunction, craniofacial pain, sleep disorders, physical therapy, complex aesthetics, and full mouth reconstruction, Dr. DesRosiers has become one of the East Coast’s foremost providers of these services. He received his post-graduate training at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. Dr. DesRosiers is, and continues to be, a student of dentistry, and excels at the highest level.

Dr. DesRosiers currently works for Lane & Associates Family Dentistry at their Raleigh Neuse location.

Why TMJ and Facial Pain?

Dr. DesRosiers believes that no one should have to live in pain. Because many common symptoms of TMJ can be caused by other factors, many who suffer from TMJ are not properly diagnosed. If you suffer from migraines, jaw pain, vertigo, numb extremities, worn teeth, or other pain caused by TMJ disorders, Dr. DesRosiers urges you to get in touch with his office. Let Dr. DesRosiers and the Lane & Associates Team help you to regain your pain-free smile!