Numb Extremities

Approximately one third of TMJ patients have some sort of tingling or paresthesia in the fingers. Often this can cause a weakened grip and can be misdiagnosed. Our dentists in Raleigh, NC can evaluate and treat TMJ related numbness and improve your quality of life.

Our Dentists in Raleigh Treat TMJ Related Numbness

In Neuromuscular Dentistry we consider and correct the relationship and postion of the lower jaw to the upper jaw. In many patients, a poor bite causes the mandible, or lower jaw, to be in a higher position relative to the upper jaw or cranium. The body attempts to compensate for this by “rolling” the head to the opposite side and dropping the shoulder on the “high” side. This is due to the fact that the “rolled” high bite results in a compensatory shoulder tilt from feedback to the semicircular canals (balance organ) in the inner ear.

When the shoulder compensates for the head tilt, to keep the body balanced, spasms occur in the muscles of the neck and shoulder (scalenes) which can cause compression on sensitive nerves in the shoulder causing pinching of the nerves and subsequent numbness or paresthesia. This can occur on both the compressed side and the opposite, or stretched side.

The compensation doesn’t stop here. Tilting or rolling of the head, followed by changes in the position of the shoulder can cause a compensatory tilt in the pelvis, causing lower back problems, etc. In addition, this can cause hip and knee problems.

Suffice it to say that things are all “hooked together”. So indeed a bad bite can have a far reaching impact on the body’s posture.